Donate cloths to someone who are in need & earn JF Smiles for your shopping - #JFLoyalty

We all have clothes lying around the house that aren’t being used anymore, it could very well be given away to those who might have better use for them.

While you don't know what to do with them we do. we will help you to share it with the one who are in need of it.

Every time you share your unwanted cloths we convert them in JF SMILES which can be easily redeemed for shopping on

Winter / Summer can be a harsh reality for those who don’t have the comforts that we take for granted. We must not forget that there are people who need our help to weather these cold months.

So, why not spread some winter / summer cheer by giving away those clothes that you don’t wear anymore?

Read the following steps to know how to setup the pickup of clothes.

Step 1: Make the choice

Open your wardrobe and have a hard look. There must be pieces of clothing in the closet that you like but don’t wear. Pick out clothes that are still fit to wear, something you wouldn’t mind giving to your family members. Avoid donating clothes that are torn, stained or are faded. Remember that the idea is to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Step 2: Reason of the cause

Just because a few clothes have a tear here and there doesn’t mean you need to toss them in the bin. It is imperative for us to remember that even for the smallest pieces of clothing, litres of water is consumed in the manufacturing process.

Step 3: Wash your clothes

Cloths that you donate, usually need a just last wash that we receive. However, some help from your side in terms of sorting and cleaning the donated clothes will always be welcomed. Reduce our efforts by washing and neatly folding your clothes when you donate them.

Step 4: Donate according to season

Season is an important point to keep in mind when donating. For example, you can make sure you donate blankets, sweaters and other warm clothing during winters. Similarly, in summers, pick out light comfortable clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton.

Step 5: Choosing the charity

This is the step where we spend a lot of time. more often we go online and do some research on which charity we would like to donate your clothes to.

Points can be earned with this cause

1 Cloths = 500 JF Smiles

1 Footwear = 100 JF Smiles

1 Toy = 50 JF Smiles


1. Light Pickup


  • Upto 20 clothes (1 bag)

  • Same day pickup available

  • Via 2 Wheeler

Accepted Items:

Cloths | Footwear | Toy

₹199 Onwards

2. Heavy Pickup


  • Medium to Heavy sized donations

  • Takes 3-5 days

  • Via 4 Wheeler

Accepted Items:

Cloths | Footwear | Toy

₹2500 Onwards

Whenever people ask me about clothes donation, I always advise that the clothes should not be too old or shabby. This helps us save time during the sorting process since we are usually short of volunteers. Most of these charities accepting clothes also accept textbooks, utensils etc. So, before donating, it’s good to confirm this.” Shaik Altaf Ahmed, 43, Executive Director of Prayas, Hyderabad

So, now that you know how to go about donating clothes, get to it already and spread some holiday cheer!


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